Vivai Toso Orlando is a market leader in the production of trees, forest plants and the production of young seedlings for reforestation.

Vivai Toso Orlando has been operating since 1925 in the production of forest plants. Today it has become a reference point for this type of plant.

The company Vivai Toso Orlando has more than fifty kinds of production of young plants in containers (in 4-liter pots), trees and bare root plants.

The company has always seen growth and renewal of its production techniques as a protagonist as well as a constant improvement in quality.

Thanks to many years of presence in the market , since 1925 , Vivai Toso Orlando has acquired an enormous wealth of experience and quality and that is why it is always in strong growth in the market .

  • Production and sales
  • Fast logistics
  • Contract production
  • Certification of provenance
  • Possibility to send / deliver loose plants or pallets
  • Express delivery
  • Refrigerator storage is normal

Over 90 years of experience in reforestation and protection of the environment and the territory, Vivai Toso Orlando has certification of the species produced and a National Forest License.

Vivai Toso Orlando meets all the needs of green operators and offers a wide selection of plants dedicated to the sector and ornamental projects.
The logistic organization allows fast and safe shipments throughout Europe.