From 1925 to the present, Vivai Toso Orlando has become the reference point for forest and ornamental plants not only in Italy but also in the rest of Europe

Specialising in the production of young bare-root reforestation plants, we now offer a complete range of plants in containers of various sizes and types, clod and pot trees, for Phyto-purification, medicinal plants and biomass, ornamental plants and naturalistic engineering plants for the restoration and management of green areas in Europe.

Reforestation has always been one of the main objectives of the company, which pays particular attention to the care of plants and the continuous search for new production techniques. Thanks to the constant contribution of agro-forestry technicians and specialized inspectors of the observatory for plant diseases, it is able to offer its customers a product of the highest quality.

Vivai Toso Orlando has now become one of the leading companies in Europe in the sector and a reference point for operators of greenery. It also has a certificate of origin issued by the General Directorate for Mountain Economy and Forests of the Veneto Region, which provides all the necessary documents as required by Legislative Decree no. 386/03.

Vivai Toso Orlando offers its experience and professionalism for every need and project, to continue to be a partner of the environment.


Over 90 years of experience in reforestation and protection of the environment and the territory, Vivai Toso Orlando has certification of the species produced and a National Forest License.


Vivai Toso Orlando meets all the needs of green operators and offers a wide selection of plants dedicated to the sector and ornamental projects.
The logistic organization allows fast and safe shipments throughout Europe.